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Ritual Proposal Template


(1 Paragraph or bullet points about what this system is)

Current Implementation

(A full description of how the system is currently implemented.)


(Brief description about why this system is needed)

What problems are we solving

(List of problems that we are solving)

Why is this a good solution

(List of reasons why this is a good solution)


(List of pitfalls that we are accepting. Can include pitfalls with the system at current implementation or overall) (Can also include some steps to mitigation with further steps in )


Next Step

(Brief Description of what the next implementation step is, with a link to a spec if it exists. If there is not spec, mention that a spec is needed.)


(Brief Description of the desired end state. Consider how things could change)



Document Status

Ratified documents have been reviewed and approved by the DAO and are considered "Active Governance" and will not change without a DAO vote. Anything before ratified is considered "Pending Governance" and is subject to change by editorswithout a DAO vote

  • Empty
  • Rough Draft
  • Editing passes: 1
  • Final Draft
  • Ratified