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Governance Overview

Living Governance Document

The DAO Masons rulebook is a living document that may change significantly in response to internal governance.

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Our Approach

DAO Masons is a decentralized organization focused on building DAO products and offering DAO-related services. Our approach to governance emphasizes efficiency, collaboration, and adaptability.

This document outlines our governance structure and how we manage decision-making within the organization.

Two-Tiered Governance

Our governance is structured into two tiers: the Core DAO and Project DAOs (aka subdaos).

The Core DAO is responsible for overall DAO governance.

Project DAOs are created for each individual Internal Projects and External Projects.

This structure ensures that decision-making power is distributed and encourages both autonomy and collaboration.

Read more about Projects.

Contribution-Based Governance

Contribution-based governance is a fundamental principle at DAO Masons. We believe that the people who contribute the most to the Core DAO should have the most say in its governance.

We only offer shares to those who have made work contributions to Internal Projects. This ensures that the organization is run by those who are most invested in its success.

Read more about how we track Contributions.

Membership Roles

DAO Masons offers two distinct membership roles: Core Members and Contributors.

A Contributor's focus is on project work, earning and achieving Project outcomes.

Core Members function as Contributors, but also take on additional responsibilities. Core Members participate in Core DAO governance and lead projects.

This membership structure allows for clear progression and recognition of talent and commitment.

Read more about our Membership Rules.

Efficient Decision-Making

Both Core Members and Contributors are encouraged to collaborate on projects, practice their craft and contribute to the growth of the organization.

This collaborative environment ensures that many perspectives are heard and valued, ultimately leading to better decision-making and more successful projects.

Read more about our Decision Making Process.

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