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Contributor Agreement

As a Contributor, you are accepting part of the DAO Masons Mantle. You are expected to operate in a certain manner as a representative of DAO Masons. We value Craft, Responsibility and Results above all else.

As a Core Contributor, you are expected to adhere to the Contributor Code of Conduct and accept the Contributor Accountabilities.

Contributor Code of Conduct

Professionalism - We prioritize shipping and quality at all costs. Our main goal is to meet deadlines and deliver valuable output in a timely manner for our clients. If you commit to a Project, you should be prepared to do anything and everything to make sure it gets done.

Respect - DAO Masons is a sanctum for human dignity. This means we do not insult, blame, gossip, judge or sabotage each other. DAO Masons Contributors agree to use clear and responsible communication directly stating their needs, boundaries and opportunities for improvement.

Collaboration - We work together, ask for help when needed and share our knowledge when requested.

Honor - Becoming a member of DAO Masons is no easy feat. We ask that all those involved with DAO Masons treat our brand as a seal of honor. This means being kind to others inquiring about DAO Masons and speaking favorably about it when presenting on behalf of DAO Masons in public. If there is something you do not like about DAO Masons, please vocalize it internally so that there is an opportunity to improve.

Free Speech - DAO Masons is an idea and craft meritocracy. We invite you to share your opinion and your best work. In fact, we encourage contentious opinions so long as they are presented in a constructive manner and you are moving toward a coherent solution.

Contributor Accountabilities

  • Coordinating with your Project Lead
  • Accepting Tasks from your Project Lead
  • Completing Tasks in service of Project Outcomes
  • Attending required meetings as specified by Project Lead
  • Communicating with your team, especially when you need help or have failed to meet commitments.
  • Delivering high-quality work
  • Improving your skillfulness at your craft
  • Communicating opportunities to DAO Masons for improvement

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Credit to Raid Guild for inspiring our Contributor Code of Conduct.

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