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Core Member Agreement

The Core Member agreement is used in conjunction with the Ritual of Oaths and the Ritual of Acumen

Core Member Agreement

I hereby accept the mantle of the DAO Mason. In doing so I agree to abide by, to the best of my ability, the principles & commitments detailed within this core member agreement.

Guiding Statements

I agree and attest that I am in accord with the following three (3) DAO Masons guiding statements and as a DAO Mason agree to uphold, implement and advocate for them to the best of my ability.

  1. A DAO Mason builds and services structures that offer sovereign communities the protection, stability, and freedom to coordinate. Initials _____

  2. A DAO Mason is productive and disciplined. Initials _____

  3. A DAO Mason cultivates a culture of craft, and craft is sacred. Dedication, discipline and focus are the rituals we perform to conjure expertise. Initials _____

Principled Commitment Attestation

  1. I agree to embody the following principles & values to the best of my ability. Initials _____

  2. If I find I am not embodying a particular principle or value I am willing to acknowledge this and make adjustments. Initials _____

  3. In service of my own growth, I remain open to feedback from fellow DAO Masons regarding my adherence to these principles and values, understanding that my fellows may have a different perspective than I do. Initials _____

  • Non-coercion - We coordinate through agreements and opt-in mechanics as opposed to arbitrary authority or manipulation.
  • Discipline - We build practical, organized systems and practices for ourselves, and reliably direct our attention and energy into using them.
  • Productivity - We are craftsmen, and we produce tangible results.
  • Dedication - We set apart a portion of our time, attention and energy for DAO Masons pursuits.
  • Focus - We place high-quality attention on one thing: what is most important now.
  • Reliability - We hold ourselves and each other accountable to the commitments we make.
  • Loyalty - We care deeply for those who work with us and strive for alignment wherever possible.
  • Skillfulness - We cultivate expertise through continuing self-improvement.
  • Positive Mental Attitude - We continue to identify and execute toward a desirable outcome, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Generosity - We go the extra mile and aim to maximize value for ourselves and our clients.
  • Equality - We value the individual for their merits regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or other traits outside control.
  • Practice Applied Faith - We reinforce to ourselves that the outcomes we aim for are possible, and we take consistent action to reach them.
  • Good Humor - Despite our dedication, we set our ego aside and make sure we're having fun along the way.

Personal Mission Statement

I articulate my Personal Mission Statement as follows. I am open to questions about my personal mission as it relates to my work in DAO Masons, and I will refine and articulate it over time.

Personal Mission Statement ______________________

Focus Commitment

I agree to commit a portion of my total productive focus time to the pursuit of the above aims. This portion can be defined as percent of total - with 100% being virtually all productive focus time - or as hours per week.

This is an estimate, and its purpose is to give the DAO Masons an idea of how much focus time we can expect from our team as a whole.

Amount: ____

  • %
  • hrs/week

It is understood that a reasonable allowance for side projects and creative endeavors necessary for my personal sovereign expression is made without impacting a 100% focus commitment.

Trusted System

I agree to keep and maintain a personal "Trusted System" that includes my active projects, current commitments, and completed work. This system should be external to my own mind, and be something others can see and interact with on request.

Accountability I agree to be open to encouragement and accountability from other DAOmasons regarding my alignment with the above statements. If I am unable or unwilling to receive encouragement or accountability regarding my alignment with the above statements, I will schedule a time in the near future where I will be prepared to receive such. I will state my needs and boundaries and request mediation when needed.

Initials: ______________________

Signature ______________________

Document Status

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