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Demotion Template

This template is used to demote a Core Member to Contributor. This template is reviewed by the DAO and approved or denied. If approved, the template becomes the agreement that the DAO uses to demote the Core Member.

Demotion results in voting shares to be converted to non-voting loot shares.

# Demotion Proposal

### Proposer

- **Submitted By:** Name or pseudo of the person submitting the proposal
- **Date:**

### Member

- **Applicant:** Name of the member being demoted
- **Applicant's Address:**
- **Applicant's Shares:** Link to shares that will be converted to loot.

### Reason for Demotion

- [ ] **Inactivity** (Has not met the minimum requirements for activity in the last 30 days)
- [ ] **Project Abandonment** (Member has abandoned a client project that they were committed to completing)
- [ ] **General Misconduct** (Has acted in a way that is not in the best interest of the DAO)
- [ ] **Bad Faith** (Has acted in bad faith, or has violated the DAO Masons Code of Conduct)

### Examples and Evidence

_(Provide evidence of the reason for demotion, ex. Links to agreements, contribution records, etc.)_

### Additional Information/Considerations