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About DAO Masons

Living Governance Document

The DAO Masons rulebook is a living document that may change significantly in response to internal governance.

Do you see a way these docs could improve? Click the Give feedback button at the top of this document or join the DAO Masons Discord to let us know.

Our mission is to help DAOs win.

Because when DAOs win, we all win.

It's that simple. We believe in the massive potential of DAOs and we're working to help them win, however we can.

Ready for your next win? Contact us for a free consultation.

How we can help your DAO

DAO Design

We start with your idea, existing organization or DAO. DAO Masons will design a functional DAO with a governance surface that helps you make decisions, coordinate, and grow. We gather input from your team and community. We help you define your mission, vision, and values and the mechanisms that help you stay aligned and moving toward meaningful outcomes.

DAO Operations

Does your DAO need some extra hands on deck? Bring in a team of DAO Masons to help you with your operations. We can help you with everything from onboarding new members to writing documentation.


DAOs are unique. DAO Masons will craft custom DAO applications and tools for your DAO based on your unique needs. Our aim is to help your team focus on what matters most: the mission.


We provide workshops and cohorts to turn every member into a power-user. In order for governance to be accessible to all members, they need know what game they are playing, and how to play it well.


Our goal is to maximize the value we create for the DAO ecosystem so we refactor some of our custom service solutions into scalable, modular products accessible to everyone.

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