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Proposal Process for DAO Masons

Living Governance Document

The DAO Masons rulebook is a living document that may change significantly in response to internal governance.

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Proposal Types

Major decisions within the DAO begin with a Proposal created using one of the Proposal Templates.

There are 3 main types of proposal:

  1. Project Proposals
  2. Membership Proposals
  3. Governance and Operations Proposals

Proposal Process

While any Contributor can create a proposal, all proposals must be sponsored by a Core Member before voting begins.

In almost all cases the proposal process requires:

  1. a complete Proposal Template posted on the Governance Forums
  2. a 1 week review period
  3. a DAO vote, typically a 5 day voting period with a 3 day ragequit grace period

Project Proposals

  1. Project Proposals begin with a completed Project Proposal Template
  2. See Projects Overview for additional information on Projects and proposing new projects.

Member Proposals

  1. A Promotion Proposal is required for a Contributor to become a Core Member.
  2. See Join DAO Masons for more information on how to join DAO Masons.
  3. A Demotion Proposal is required to demote a Core Member to Contributor. For more information on how or why a Core Member would be demoted, see Demotion.

For more information regarding all the rules and expectations of Core Members and contributors see Core Member Rules.

Governance and Operations Proposals

These types of proposals are generally only made by Core Members, however there may be times when fresh eyes see opportunities to improve our Governance and Operations and we certainly welcome proposals to do so.

  1. Attempt Consensus at Meetings
    • We should be able to make small offers and proposals to each other, and handle most decisions informally.
    • We can often decide whether to move forward by consensus or consent during our meetings.
    • Most small expenses can be agreed upon via consensus however any sums that would be considered somewhat large, should be recorded in the governance forums. This can be determined during meetings.
    • If we can't manage this, we can rely on the Decision Making Process
    • If consensus is not reached then a formal proposal can be put on the Governance Forum.
    • Any major governance changes or fundamental changes to operating procedures should have a written long form discussion in our governance forums.
  2. Discussion Stage
    • A detailed forum post should be placed in our Governance Forums. Discussion period will last for 1 week.
    • After this time for discussion has passed, record of the decision must be carried out as a DAO vote.
  3. DAO Vote
    • DAO Votes are handled with Moloch DAO share-based voting
    • All members may commit their Voting Shares to a yay or nay vote.
    • Proposal length is 5 days with a 3 day grace period
    • The grace period allows dissenting members 3 days to Rage Quit before a proposal is executed, should they choose to do so.

Rage Quit

As is the case in all Moloch DAOs, a member may Rage Quit during the Grace Period. This will convert the members shares into their fair share of tokens in the main treasury. Funds in Project Treasury or otherwise already allocated are not subject to Rage Quit.

Rage Quit is not an option if you currently have "Yes" votes that have not been executed yet.

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