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Living Governance Document

The DAO Masons rulebook is a living document that may change significantly in response to internal governance.

Do you see a way these docs could improve? Click the Give feedback button at the top of this document or join the DAO Masons Discord to let us know.

Are you...

a highly motivated, passionate DAO builder, designer, connector and/or operator? We're looking for you!

We have two distinct membership paths for contributors to work with DAO Masons.

Contributor Member Track

The Contributor Member Track is a low-friction track, designed to get hard-working, talented builders working on DAO Masons projects as fast as possible. It is also for those who would like to one day become a Core Member and are looking to demonstrate their skills and commitment to DAO Masons.

There are no limitations on earnings or how many projects a Contributor Member can work on. The key distinction between Contributor Members and Core Members is that Contributors have no commitments or authority related to DAO Masons governance while Core Members have both.

If you wish to begin working as a DAO Mason, please join our Discord and introduce yourself in the #introductions channel. Be sure to let us know your skill set and why DAO Masons appeals to you.

When we have project work available that is a match for you, you may be recruited by a Project Lead to join a project team.

Read more about the Contributor Member Track here.

Core Member Track

Governance requires frequent, consistent, and dedicated participation. The Core Member Track is designed for those who are committed and determined to make DAO Masons as successful as possible.

In order to meet the demands of DAO governance (which are frequently underestimated), the Core Member Track is designed to be high-friction. We want to filter in those who are willing to take on the responsibilities and challenges of DAO governance. Not only must you be a talented builder, but you must also be a talented communicator, critical-thinker, and leader.

However, it is important to note that anyone willing to put in the effort can become a Core Member. We will never gate based on how much money you have or how many connections you have.

This path is difficult but it is designed to be as fair as possible.

Read more about the Core Member Track here.

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