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Our Values

Living Governance Document

The DAO Masons rulebook is a living document that may change significantly in response to internal governance.

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Help DAOs Win. One Win at a Time.

Support Sovereign Communities

A DAO Mason builds and services structures that offer sovereign communities the protection, stability, and freedom to coordinate.

Human-Centered Design

We do our best to make the tech fit the needs of the people. A system is not resilient or secure if it is not usable by everyone. DAO Masons prefer systems that are play-tested and iterated through real-world use, not just developer testing.

Productive, Disciplined, Sacrificing

A DAO Mason is productive and disciplined. Our clients entrust us with their money, their businesses, and their livelihoods. When we mess up, miss a deadline, or slow down, it matters. We take that responsibility seriously.

Steel Sharpens Steel

In order for us to create sharp, effective DAOs, DAO Masons itself must be as sharp as possible. We continually upgrade our skills, knowledge, and core technology to ensure that our clients are getting the best possible service.

Games, not Laws

DAOs are distinct because of their accessible, open, opt-in nature. Which is why we believe that game design is a strong guiding principle for designing DAOs. A well built coordination mechanism should be engaging, fun, and empowering.

Meaningful Outcomes

Building spaces for people to solve meaningful problems leads to meaningful results. When people are motivated by a shared agreement to act toward a meaningful outcome, they can reach their highest potential.

Internal Alignment

We believe that in order to accomplish the mission, we need reliable and sustainable structures, tailor-fit to the people inside them. These structures need to foster alignment inside the DAO so it can meaningfully impact the outside world.

Craft, Results & Competence

Most importantly, DAOs must be competent. We believe that in order for DAOs to change the world, they must first share and delight in a rich collection of well-earned wins.

Our mission is to help DAOs win. When DAOs win, we all win

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