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Ritual of Echoes

Living Governance Document

The DAO Masons rulebook is a living document that may change significantly in response to internal governance.

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The Ritual of Echoes is a mechanism for rewarding contributors for past contributions made to DAO Masons. Every time the DAO earns revenue, we:

  • Bring a predetermined amount (at least 10%) of funds to the DAO Treasury
  • Of that amount, we allocate predetermined percentage to the Echo Fund (at least 5% of original amount) and the rest to the DAO treasury.
  • The echo fund splits funds that are sent to it in proportion to each of share/non-voting share member.
  • The amount that each member receives is determined by the amount of shares (and non-voting shares)they have in the Core Masons DAO proportional to the total amount of shares held by all shareholders.
  • Core Members earn Voting Shares by contributing to internal DAO projects.
  • Contributors earn non-voting Loot Shares by contributing to internal DAO projects.
  • 1 share generally equals on hour of work.

Current Implementation

All Projects are required to give at least 10% of earnings to the DAO Treasury. This must be included in the Payout Schema before a project is approved. If 10% is not included in a project's Payout Schema, the project should be declined or amended.

From that fund, at least 5% of the original payout will be distributed as Echoes.Echoes are proportional distributions to all shareholders in the DAO.

All those holding Voting Shares and/or Loot Shares receive Echo Distributions.


  • We need a way to incentivize people to build and maintain DAO Masons
  • We need a way to reward people for past contributions
  • Payment for services is intermittent and unpredictable, so we need a way for members to earn passive income during the times they are not working on an external project.

What problems are we solving

  • Tragedy of the commons for goods within DAO Masons.
  • Unsteady and unpredictable income for service DAO members.

Why is this a good solution

  • If the DAO is generating revenue, it provides small amounts of passive income for everyone who has contributed in the past.
  • The proportions of funds received is proportional to the amount of work that each member has contributed.
  • Shares are diluted over time, as more and more contributions are made, ensuring that we're not just rewarding people who were here early. No matter what, we are rewarding people for how much time they have contributed to building up DAO Masons.
  • Allows DAO members to choose their own levels of contribution.


  • Technical overhead. This will need to integrate with how our DAOs choose to handle payments from clients and revenue generated from


Next Step

(Brief Description of what the next implementation step is, with a link to a spec if it exists. If there is not spec, mention that a spec is needed.)


(Brief Description of the desired end state. Consider how things could change)



Current Stage of Development
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  • Systemetized
  • Partially Automated
  • Fully Automated/Passive

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